Whistle blower..

the referee.
 I went to the fashion show of a local designer.
Im not sure what pushed me to wear this fit. BOLD,,
I knew I liked the top and bottom but with the platform I didnt want to look ya know...
so I decided to cover up a little.


Here is a glimpse of the infamous SOCKS from AA, I love them.
My mother returned from her trip to Argentina earlier this day
and she didnt arrive empty handed.
I love the bag she brought back home for me!
 I took the denim shirt that I purposely bought two sizes too big
in case I got a little cold;
I didnt need it though.

Me + friends at the show:

What I wore:
socks: American Apparel, bandeau leotard: American Apparel, skirt: H&M, shoes: Topshop, denim shirt: H&M, bag: gift from Argentina


Alexander McQueen+Monica+Everything to me..Always remembered

R&B artist Monica
dedicates her new single
"Everything to me"
to the late and great
Alexander McQueen.
Pay close attention to the peices worn in the video,
all created by Mr. McQueen

To all familiar with his work, it will be very easy to recognize
through the extravagant detail, structures, patterns, prints, and design

This post was originally created on February 25, 2010
I could not post it because the Haiti relief song was still playing.
But here it is,
and this video goes to show what
a huge impact Mr. McQueen had on the entertainment industry
not just fashion.


Hi, everyone!!
 I am proud to announce that my internet connection is back up and running.


Sorry,, Im moving

Sorry I am not able to update my blog right now.
I am in the process moving
new internet connection wont be set up for another week
work with me.

New Post soon!



Such a cheater!!

I wore this to my friends' junge fever sweet 16.
Not much to say about the night that I can remember but
I did have fun!

pants: Hot Topic, shirt/jacket: H&M, boots: Minnetonka, glasses: Urban Outfitters


Jittery and Jolly

A very chill day off.
These boots I love soo much because fringe was the new trend and these took it to the next level.
I must announce:
TARGET  has the best fitted tanks and leggings
the spandex mixed with the other materials hugs the figure very perfect and tight.
It's almost like hugging a person.

boots: Sam Edelman, tank/leggings: Target, sweater: H&M


"All my single ladies" (The Finale)

Hi everyone!
It's 5star, now yesterday I posted a few pictures of me from my "Single Ladies" perfromance.
Here are the official photos, or the ones that I love rather.

"If you like it then you should've put a ring on it"

"If you dont, you'll be alone"

"Like a ghost I'll be gone"

 "To infinity and beyond"
"Hold me into your arms"

Too bad, I am not Beyonce',
Luckily, I am NEA
Everything you see here is me, my style, my design, and my ideas.


"All my single ladies" (Exhibit 1)

Here are a few shots of me in my Beyonce outfit that I wore in my show this past weekend.

These are not the official shots
I was being silly on these, but I still like them



More on next post.



Ok so this is an old set of pictures from back in September (before I dedicated myself to my blog)
 but I still love them.

The look is from a recent trend report that I posted
with pictures from TeenVogue and WMad

Denim on denim on denim

Some things just neva go out of style

And these  pictures are great since I told you all that
I have billions o pictures that I never posted
over time I will be posting them
so sit back and watch

Green is my favorite color- the army green clogs and bag
were right on the money!

** me just being me: Silly

jeans: Delia*s, vest: random, tube top: H&M, chain belt: Express,