Kandee Shoes

Limited Edition Peanut Crunchy Bootie

My boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day
these would have been perfect buuuuttttt
they're sold out :(

As soon as they get back in stock they'll be in my shopping cart.

I would even take either of these 
(Although I prefer the bootie):

 these shall be mine later on as well. 

Animal print is universal, it's for every season and goes with everything!

Xxo, 5star

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  1. They are great to look at but the service is incredibly poor and i didnt recieve my shoes until after a month of purchasing. They had faulty zips and tassles and they will not refund me. Said they will send me another pair as a gift of inconvenience but still havnt! Still chasing them and really stressed!
    Not happy at all!