Hanging by a thread.

All I did today was work work and more work- on my day off of school.
It still turned out well though.
Playing in mommy's make-up was the best part!

O yeah, and I tried this new thing with my pictures-
It's like you cut yourself out of a picture, but not completely or perfectly
I think it looks cool and vintage.
It turned out good but practice makes perfect
next time it'll look better..=D

boyfriend cardigan: Abercrombie, boots: Steve Madden, tanks: H&M, stockings: Random, belt: Aldo


How high?

Alexander Mcqueen takes heels to new heights.
here is his new 12 inch heel.
The Armadillo shoe

We must admit, these shoes are hot!
The more wierd, the more stylish.
Of course it is a heel that is too high to wear on a regular basis
but any heel expert will find the perfect occasion
and they are sold out everywhere!
Congratulations Mr. McQueen!


Denim Disease

I recently wore a fit consisting of many denim pieces, you can find it on my Chictopia blog (link on sidebar). At first I was a little nervous about wearing a full denim outfit but it came together very well and I felt like I stole the show (wasn't really a shw, just school).

I now learned that I was very fashion forward after seeing these photos on major fashion websites, of the new denim trend.

WMagazine calls it "Denim Nation".

Denim comes in a variety of colors and prints that can can be mixed and matched with other denims.

Source: WMagazine, TeenVogue


Just because.

As I search for my missing camera, this is just because.
just because I lost my camera.
just because I had fun this night
just because it was my friends' birthday
just because I loved this fit
just because I am a photo fanatic
...just because

this is why I dont like candid shots..lol..

Okay, so my camera has yet to return but I managed to find something.

This is my friends and I at the party.
The photographer wasn't great, as seen..lol

This is probably one our worse pictures
but this is the only picture I could find that a friend had.

So I tried to work some effects, to give you a taste of what you would have seen.
I am the one with the untamed hair,
and the only one in color!
I'm so corny, I know.

We had a lot of fun this day, we partied
with close friends and simply had a good time.
Hopefully my camera turns up so that I can post the great individual pics I took.

What I wore:
white flower patterned lace tights
silver tu-tu type skirt
white thick knit cami
black sequin jacket
black lace-up booties
black huge statement necklace 

At first I was a little iffy about it, because I tried so hard to follow the dress code
(I usually dont..mistakingly)
but once I put it on I fell in love.

I really wish I could have given you a better post.
next time =D




So this weekend I went to my friend's party, she had an 18th Birthday party at a club. It was color coded and we had to wear pink, white, and gray. It was soooo fun and we al; partied the night away in celebration, we took a million great pix too. I took some beautiful pictures for my blog as well.
Then the worse happened my camera turned up missing!
I was soooo upset, it ruined my entire night and  the rest of my week.
Since my camera was stolen
 I wont be posting any pictures as frequently as I recently started for a while.
This sux because I really started to love this hobby more than anything!
I will use my siblings and parents cameras whenever I can though.
I'll keep you all posted on the outcome.

I pray that it is found =(


Photo Fanatic

Yeah, I know I probably over did it with the pix but I am camera whore. I will take a billion picture in 2 mins; one day I'll post my collection.

I like all of these pictures, they each show a different side of me
so I posted them all!
Enjoy =D


Today I went to my friend's 18th birthday party, she's finally legal! We had sooo much fun and partied the night away. We acknowledged Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday while still having our own teenage fun filled festivities. This was an event similar to the one I went to on New Years', very casual.

summary of the fit:
the bright yellow shoes are a random pair that I bought 3yrs ago
 for a fashion show I did for a local designer but never got the chance to wear.
I figured why not throw them on today, and get mommy's moneys worth.

faux leather vest: Target, shoes: Random, V-neck Tee: BDG, cigarette skinny jeans: PacSun, belt: Express


On Cloud 9

In my school we are having our annual lip sync contest, its sort of like a celebrity night. In each act, the students have to reinact a celebrity of their choice whether its a video or one of their performances. Its soooo cool, one year someone even did one of the singing scenes from "The Five Heartbeats" movie, and this year someone is doing a scene from "Dream Girls"; cool right? I know! Well for my act I am going to do a performance of Beyonce's, and its coming together really well. I cannot wait! I'll definitely post a video after the show. Im sooo siked! But the biggest mistake I ever made was forgetting my practice clothes home...big mess! So yeah, I had to practice a big dance performance in a pencil SKIRT and lace shirt, oh yeah and boots. All in all practice went great and we got a lot accomplished.<3
blazer: Armani Exchange,shirt/skirt: H&M,boots: Minnetonka


May God Bless Haiti

We all have heard of the catastrophic earthquake that hit Haiti claiming the lives of more than 1% of Haiti's population and many UN soldiers. Many people are still missing and family's are left with nothing; as citizens of this Earth we must step up. I will donate what ever I possibly can to help the cause and as many individuals as possible as it is a duty of  mine.

May God bless Haiti and help them through this horrific tragedy.

Wyclef Jean- Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund
or text YELE to 501501
$5.00 will be added to your phone bill and transferred to the fund.


Yes! I made the cut for my school's show. I'm soooo excited, I kno I will steal the show.

I didnt really like this picture at all [I hope you like it], but my friends loved it and said I should post it. What do you think?
Looks a little like I tried to hard when it was actually a spur of the moment "pose!" pic.

P.S. These are my ultimate favorite shoes. I wear boots at least 5 days out of a week; im pretty sured I am addicted.

vest/shirt: H&M, shorts: Abercrombie, over-the-knee boots: Steve Madden


Its electric!

Ok so yeah, as we all should know I have a shoe fetish and since I've been sooo busy with my college applications and scholarships and all I have been in the house a lot lately; no time for pix =(. But all of these shoes are beautiful new shoes from Carvela. All having these beautiful bright colors and distinguished designs.


5-4-3-2-1, Happy New Year!

Ok so I attempted to blur my friends out because I didnt get their permission to post them on here.
But I loved this one sooo much, I had to post it. We really had a great time; well to be teens anyway.

Our celebrity guest list included:

she's the best


who: 5star and friends
what: Class of 2010 New Years Get together
when: 12.31.2009
where: Class of 2010 graduate
 why: This is our last year together in high school
so we wanted to spend it together. Too bad we're too young
to get into an actual New Years party; so we threw

I look very plain but it is because just as we expected things got super crazy so I wanted to be prepared for the worst. No one dressed up at all, everyone actually had on PJ's so I wanted to look decent but not over the top.

shirt: H&M, jeans: Wet Seal, shoes: Forever 21