Bright and Early

I always wanted to be a red head..
a natural red head though, there's a dye could never have the natural affect.
I find it so weird that people actually change there hair color when they are natural born red heads.
It's like learning to right with your right hand when you were born left-handed.
This is a gift and they should feel special.
Only 2% of the world is born naturally red, ya know.

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Hunter and Gatti

Photography:Hunter and Gatti

Doesn't this remind you of Du Wop days and OMG, GREASE!

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Let's sail away...together

Massimo Dutti CRUISE 2011.
Photography:Hunter and Gatti
Models: Danny Schwarz and Ieva Laguna


I told you I would begin to post male fashions!
At first I was only going to post the images of the marvelous man
but I couldn't leave this wonderful woman out!

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Fashion Food

Here are a few images that caught my eye between yesterday and todays web surfing. I don't always have a story behind the images, just random thing that I see and like. I share them because I hope that you will get the same nourishment from them.

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The Look Says It All

Magazine: Vogue Nippon March 2011
Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura
Model: Karmen Pedaru 
Stylist: Anna Dello Russo

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I fly high I'm blazin'

Unfortunately my pictures are dated and that looks soo cheesy to me
but anywho this was me on New Years day.
I relaxed with my boyfriend, how lovely ;)

*Notice that we have yet to take our Xmas tree down yet (to the right)*
excuse the date, I still haven't bought a new camera; I'm waiting for the right one.

Here I Am!

shirt: Kate Moss, blazer: H&M, sweater: Charlotte Russe, jeans: Wet Seal, shoes: Sam Edelman

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She Wears His Wear

Spice up your closet with some "Mens Wear Chic"
Keep it simple and sophisticated.

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The Lipstick Issue

"Every woman deserves to be pampered"

 Magazine: Exibition
Photographer: Catherine Servel
Model: Magdalena Frackowiak

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Shoegasm: Rock & Republic

These here shoes below meet all of my winter shoe needs.
They're tall, leather, black,wedge boots.

Do you see what I see?
These boots can be worn anywhere and in any weather.
Well at least I think so.
I would wear them everyday!
You can never go wrong with black wedges.

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A Woman Apart

Magazine: Marie Claire/February 2011
Photographer: David Roemer
Model: Liya Kebede
Stylist: Laura Ferrara

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