Feature #1: ilikemystyle Quarterly issue #4

Very First Feature!

So back in October I was asked to be featured in "ilikemystyle Quarterly" by the team and of course I jumped to the opportunity. My specific article is about beauty because I am working towards being a scientist and I use the things I've learned in class about skin throughout my daily life. At the time when the I was first emailed the current pictures on my blog were of my friends and I, something we used to do often so I was asked to do some shots with my friends and once the photos were finished the entire piece was complete. This is one of the many photos we took which all of them were in this post. I still haven't posted my individuals pictures which will follow this post because I merely forgot (sorry). 

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*and the site also accepts entries for the opportunity to be featured so do not miss out on that.

I hope you enjoy :)


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