Beyonce- Single Ladies VMA Performance

Yesterday I performed in my schools' annual LIP SYNCING show.
Lookin back on everything
many rescheduled dates (Due to inclement weather on the East coast)
It was an amazing experience..

I want to thank all of the girls that danced with me:

I was lucky enough that someone actually recorded it.
Thanx to you!*


Presenting...NEA as Beyonce
Single Ladies

I am "Beyonce" wearing red and black leotard
all of my background dancers are wearing red leotards.

I decided to keep it very simple with plain opaque stockings, its also very classy.
We all know that Beyonce can steal any show with her beautiful outfits so I had to do the same.

I wore a black letoard but went out and bought material and let a local designer add sleeves to it, to give it that Beyonce affect. I ended it with opaque red stockings and black shoes.
Notice the beautiful BIG RED BOW on the back of my leotard,, I love.

Well I hope you enjoyed the video, let me know what you think!

red leotards: Hosiery City, tights: Hosiery City, Black leotard (w/o red accents): American Apparel


Rain rain go away...

rain boots: Hunter, skirt: H&M, tank: Abercrombie, shirt: Abercrombie, jean jacket: Abercrombie, leather vest: random


These are all bad pictures
 but I went to a fashion show last night and waited until I got in to take my pictures.
Bad move!
My hair was a frizzy, my clothes were out of shape..=D
These are simply the signs of my amazing night!
and aside from my bad appearance, my sister is a really bad photographer..lol

My worst picture; but my best picture.=)

See! I told you, BAD.
tomorrows post will be waaayyyy better.
pinky promise!

shirt: H&M, tank: H&M, stockings: Hosiery City, booties: Nine West


We are the World (Haiti Relief)

I have been searching high and low for a link for this video. I love it sooo much, not only because it is a beautiful peice written by the late Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie; but because some of the best artist managed to unite to create a song to help a cause.
All of the proceeds from this song go directly to Haiti.
This song is very inspirational and will contribute to the reconstruction of an entire nation.



Catch me if you can...

I look like im runnin and from another perspective like im riding a horse.

I went to an extremely fun basketball tournament, because we all know that I am a big sports fan..

The sweater is awesome!
It is a pink, grey, and silver argyle print done in sequins.

shirt: Express, skirt: H&M, boots: Steve Madden, belt: random


Trend: Wooden heel

Jessica Simpson Dany Heel:
     -look for less (in style with Charles Anastase '09)
     -upcoming Spring 2010 trend
     -very comfortable platform


Alexander McQueen..The ANGEL

As you've seen in my recent post, Mr. Mcqueen turned heads with his Armadillo shoe and many of his other statement pieces. His Spring 2010 collection is one well awaited collection, and would have been viewed live stream thiss upcoming March.

Today is a sad day for the fashion world, as we mourn the untimely death of fashion icon,
Alexander McQueen.

News Stream:

"According to reports British fashion design Alexander McQueen has been found dead after taking his own life.

The designer's death comes just three years after the suicide of his close friend and mentor Isabella Blow, the magazine editor who plucked him from obscurity and helped him become a star of the fashion world.

According to the Daily Mail web site McQueen’s office confirmed his death, saying, ‘It is a tragic loss. We are not making a comment at this time out of respect for the McQueen family.’

The designer was due to unveil his new collection at Paris Fashion week on 9 March."


"Alexander McQueen, one of Britain's most successful fashion designers, has been found dead at his home in London.
A source close to the 40-year-old said that he appeared to have committed suicide although his office refused to comment. His suicide comes days after the death of his mother.
The East End-born designer started his professional life as a tailor's apprentice on Savile Row, where his clients included Mikhail Gorbachev and the Prince of Wales, before enrolling at the Central St Martins School of Art and Design.
His early runway collections relied largely on the shock factor, but McQueen hit the mainstream when he was chosen to succeed John Galliano at Givenchy in 1996. "
From Times Online February 11, 2010

His Work:



Flower Power

Up High...
In the Middle...
Down Low...
...too slow

When I was younger my friends and I played that game a lot.
How to play:
1) find a friend
2) put your hand up high and say "up high"
*let your friend slap your hand
3) put your hand in the middle and say "in the middle"
* let your friend slap your hand again
4) put your hand down low and say "down low"
*try to move yourf hand before your friend can slap it
**If your friend catches your hand, they win..if not, you know..=D

I went to a friend's birthday party this day and of course I took a billion pictures
Im a photo freak
I think im kind of addicted.

dress: H&M, blazer: Silence+Noise

-xox, 5star