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Trousers, Parka:

Knit shorts, Leather+Fur:

Camel color, Cape, Wooden heel:

and the overall look:


You can do your layers with crazy knits, wild furs, and all extreme textures.

photos via ZARA October lookbook

all peices are apart of the ZARA TRF Collection..

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I went to a rap show with my friend..only problem, we went to the wrong place..
so we just stayed on campus..

Later on we went to an on campus party,, fun fun fun..

I thought I looked kinda gangsta in these shots,, just call it GangSTAR!

jeans: True Religion, tank: Hanes, sweater: H&M, shoes: Nine West, Baret: Forever 21

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Ok, so I am currently thinking of a new banner design but I am having little luck..any ideas??

Fashion Food


Now these are the type of clothes I live for, and it doesn't stop here.
for more of this fab click here

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Amazing is all I can say...
Anna Dello Russo+ C. Louboutin= Genius

those boots lookin' like a nice DIY project dont ya think?

via: WMagazine

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Boom Boom Pow!

Shining like the sun..
The high-demand Jefferey Campbell Lita shoe has its many different moods
and this happens to be her excited state..

Word is that they're supposed to drop by the end of October, but I'll give it until November,,
just to be on the safe side..

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Stop thee madness!

Friday, October 15, 2010 was a national Midnight Madness day for colleges and universities across the nation. Midnight Madness is like a huge pep-rally that everyone can enjoy whether they're there physically or simply watching it on television.
ESPN was filled with different events being hosted by major sports schools like UConn, Duke U, and Penn State.
My school [Howard U] is known for it's large events so of course it was a fun night to remember.

boots: Steve Madden, leotard: Hosiery City, shorts: Abercrombie, sweater: H&M

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Wild Bancheeeeeee!

I know guys I look hot and stuff, well its because I was!
I went to an amazing frat party at George Washington University
College is soooo awesome

The only thing I hated was that it was extremely HOT, like when you first walk in you began to sweat..yuck
I didnt think I would look this wild afterwards when I took my pix, but I actually like them like this..
It looks a little more rocker with the wild hair and fading makeup..

dress (or shirt, not sure): H&M, fanny-pack: F21, boots: Minnetonka

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Danger Zone

Tried to hide from the sun, but all she did was follow me...

This was a very lovely day; the sun shined so bright im surprised I didn't melt.

It's sooo funny because I've had these pants for about 6 years, and they still fit me the same way they did when I first got them. My mom always pick the right pieces that I can have forever (I hope).

pants/jacket: Abercrombie, tank: Hollister, booties: Nine West

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Here a few pictures of my friends and I after lunch.
I love the brick buildings, benches, and walking paths at my school.

Friends: Nae (left), and India (right)

pants: BDG-Urban Outfitters, shirt: Express, shoes: H&M, scarf: Argentina thrift

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Megan Fox
Leighton Meester

Two of my fave gals Megan and Meester. I've had these pictures for a while but I haven't had anytime to post them. But I know you would agree that both of these ladies look AMAZING. Both of them are out of their normal elements. Megan Fox's sexy and risk-taking style is swapped for a very chic look. Still very sexy, in a classy way. Leighton Meester usually goes for the very chic and girly look but in this one she has opted for a more punk look. Still very chic but with a rocker twist.
I love both of these gals sense of style, always far outside the box. These  pictures just goes to show how you can make a very simple fit extremely fashionable.

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