Just because.

As I search for my missing camera, this is just because.
just because I lost my camera.
just because I had fun this night
just because it was my friends' birthday
just because I loved this fit
just because I am a photo fanatic
...just because

this is why I dont like candid shots..lol..

Okay, so my camera has yet to return but I managed to find something.

This is my friends and I at the party.
The photographer wasn't great, as seen..lol

This is probably one our worse pictures
but this is the only picture I could find that a friend had.

So I tried to work some effects, to give you a taste of what you would have seen.
I am the one with the untamed hair,
and the only one in color!
I'm so corny, I know.

We had a lot of fun this day, we partied
with close friends and simply had a good time.
Hopefully my camera turns up so that I can post the great individual pics I took.

What I wore:
white flower patterned lace tights
silver tu-tu type skirt
white thick knit cami
black sequin jacket
black lace-up booties
black huge statement necklace 

At first I was a little iffy about it, because I tried so hard to follow the dress code
(I usually dont..mistakingly)
but once I put it on I fell in love.

I really wish I could have given you a better post.
next time =D


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