All fired up!

My school's men's basketball team has finally made its mark in our state.
We are now one of the top and most competitive teams in New Jersey.

We were invited to play in the St. Benedicts Invitational Basketball Tournament,
at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.
At this tournament the best played the best in in-state vs. out-state games
Of course I was on New Jersey's side!

Featured at this event was some of our nation's top players:
Kyrie Irving
Joe Jackson
Derrick Hunter
Kazembe Abif
and many many others.

This was a complete day of sports, with 12 hours worth of games.
I definitely had to dress extremely comfortably for this.

Fun Fact: My Super Sweet 16 was held at the Prudential Center in 2008
- When my sister and I walked in all of the staff remembered us and were happy to see us
I felt accomplished..

The Fire Lounge

The Fire Lounge is one of the many lounges within Newark's Prudential Center
where fans can purchase refreshments, relax, and chill.
We did a lot of chilling.=D
On the opposite side of the arena there is "The Ice Lounge" (so cool!)

bag: Gucci, bottoms: PacSun, top: Random, scarf: Nordstrom, blazer: H&M,
 boots: Steve Madden, belt: Random

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