Flower Power

Up High...
In the Middle...
Down Low...
...too slow

When I was younger my friends and I played that game a lot.
How to play:
1) find a friend
2) put your hand up high and say "up high"
*let your friend slap your hand
3) put your hand in the middle and say "in the middle"
* let your friend slap your hand again
4) put your hand down low and say "down low"
*try to move yourf hand before your friend can slap it
**If your friend catches your hand, they win..if not, you know..=D

I went to a friend's birthday party this day and of course I took a billion pictures
Im a photo freak
I think im kind of addicted.

dress: H&M, blazer: Silence+Noise

-xox, 5star

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