My Journey..

Hello all!
I am happy to say that and I AM BACK!

I was going through some extremely hard times since
I lost my father ;-(
back in May, and for a while I lost my desire to live.

Soon I will post a post in his memory (not sure if I am ready for that now)
My father was a major influence on my fashion sense, way of living, and mind set and in my eyes he was definitely a fashion icon!
I will actually give you a peek of his 1969 Riviera, a car he put his soul into..
Im excited just talking about it..
Im not ready to do it now, but in due time I WILL get there..

But I am now regaining my life and what would it be without blogging?!
So I have been preparing to post regularly
sharing my fashion, photos, fun, friends, and basically my life
so stay posted and keep checking up on me
because this is something you wont want to miss!

-xox 5star


  1. Im sorry for your lost. I am glad you found the strenght to keep going. The Lord will make a way, if you continue to stay positive.

  2. thank you so very much, I needed that <3