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I know I am having another one of those absantee moments, but I can assure you as usual that it is all for good reason..I have been doing soooo much running around for school in order to register for my classes, this is really a hassle.
Words of wisdom:
Stay on top of your game and never give up!
Do not lose focus!
If you believe it you can acheive it!
I know those are all cliche's but these are quotes that I live by whenever I am feeling pressured or like I cannot do something. Take extra steps to reach your goals.

But anywho, FASHION never sleeps
so for now I will be posting pictures that interest and  inspire me.
Unfortunately I won't be posting any pictures of me for the next week or so but after that you will not regret it.
I have so much fashion food for you that it'll feel like Thanksgiving dinner. (lol, i'm so goofy)..and you know what is so great about Thanksgiving?
IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! (screams)
I cannot wait to go home and spend time with my family and friends, I miss them dearly.

You can lookout for some amazing photos and giveaways that will be coming up soon

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Until next time my loves,
-xox, 5star

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