Shoegasm: Finsk

I fell in love with these shoes a few months ago and since then I have been saving up to buy them.
I wasn't going to post them until I actually ordered them so that features with me wearing them could soon follow. I planned to buy them for my birthday (November 25) but it doesn't look like that will be happening. College expenses can literally break the bank..lol..
Sooner or later I'll get them...hopefully sooner

I especially love this pair right here, color and all..

up-close of the other available color: (Gray Suede)
photos via: anywho

The shoes posted are apart of the Finsk Project 2 Collection
Overall the entire Finsk shoe collection is amazing!
Designed by two time Monolo Blahnik Award winner Julia Lundsten (congrats!)
The uniquely distinct style and design of her shoes have made them my
ultimate favorite 
I love to just look at them, creepy..lol
These may just be the shoes of the decade.

for more on FINSK click here

-xox, 5star

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