DIY: Woven Chain Bracelet


Below are the photos for a DIY project of the embellished chain link bracelet trend.
Why buy it when you can just make your own!
This can be done for fun, as a gift, for your personal wardrobe

It's a project that can be done with small children or even just a girls night.

Which ever you decide, it will be special.

You can also embellish you bracelet with many different charms
and even go the extra yard and make a necklace

It's all up to you!

Materials Needed:

 a)a curb link bracelet (or necklace)
 b)embroidery thread
 c)two bobby pins
 d)a pair of scissors

  1.              2.              3.              4.

     5.                                    6.                                     7.                                     8.

  9.                              Done!

Finished Product:

To view full written directions for the work of art click here

Have fun!

P.S. I'll post pictures of mine whenever I get a chance to make one ;)

via: HonestlyWTF

Xxo, 5star

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