Happy Thanksgiving/Birthday to me!

I know I am extremely late but this was my Thanksgiving and Birthday
since I was born on Thanksgiving :)

"Geez I looked extremely bloated,
but the scrumptious food was sooo worth it!"

Its cool being a holiday baby because it makes them more special.
You have the opportunity of seeing your loved ones and having fun with them.
Its's so funny because when my sister (Being Bella Caramella) were born there was a horrible flu plaguing the hospital so they actually had to shut down the entire hospital. So after we were born my parents spent Thanksgiving alone because my mom was unable to recieve visits. We didnt even get to take our first pictures there, you know the ones when your fresh out of the womb (gross). But it all paid off, and my parents raised some very beautiful, talented, stylish, intelligent, and respectful women.
Thank you! <3

Xxo, 5star

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