Black Beauty

Blooming for spring
I saw this picture and on tumblr and I had to post it.

Photography: Grenoville
Model: Atim Birungi

This is the color scheme that I have been encouraging and wearing lately!
Pure example.

It's either rich colors or soft colors!
This spring has soooo many different trends coming.
There's the rich colors for the 70's funky glam and the softer colors for the 70's chic trends this Spring. Another returning trend is the rocker chic but designers have shifted from the usual dark colors to softer color to make them more chic.

Looks like it would be a fun experiment
and it's perfect for all skin tones and colors!!

I wish I was this complexion just so the colors could stand out on me like this. 

Brighten up your spring with some fun bold colors!

Xxo, 5star

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