Broken Hearted Girl

On Wednesday evening I received some heart aching news; my boyfriend had been injured and his cousin, a close friend of mine, as well. It sucks when you receive news and you're so far away from home and can't be there for your loved ones. Luckily my boyfriend made it through but unfortunately the other did not.  My heart is broken. 
I lost a friend, a brother, and a confidant.
He is the guy that actually gave me the name 5star that everyone knows me as.
We've had sooo many great memories together and I will cherish them forever.
He may be gone but he will always have a place in my heart.
RIP "Capo"
(as we called him)

Sharing this kind of info comforts me in a way; It gives me a chance to release and let go.
But this is the reason why I haven't posted in a few days and I will be going home within the next couple of days but I doubt I will have time to post very much. So I've created a few posts and set timers for them to post automatically (each day) so look out for those. 

Until next time, when I am a feeling well, kisses 

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