DIY: Burberry Inspired Spike Trench

This is an amazing DIY project that I don't think anyone else could have thought of, and DIY's are so fun!
I think I'm gonna start doing a few DIY's soon so stay posted for those :).

1. Cut down chopsticks or candy apple sticks to about an inch with a handsaw or ask someone with a power table saw to cut down for you. You should end up with 164 pointy ends for each sleeve.
2. Once you finished cutting the sticks, its time to paint them! Make sure you're in a well-ventilated area and are working on a flat surface. We suggest protecting your workspace with old magazines or newspaper.
3. Apply a layer of gold spray paint to the pointy tips. Leave them on your workspace for approximately 15 minutes or until dry. Flip them over and spray the other side.
4. Before you apply the spikes to the jacket, use white chalk to outline a rectangle on each arm, starting at the shoulder and ending at the elbow. You want it to be large enough to fit approximately 24 rows and five columns, but this will vary depending on the size of your jacket and how many spikes you want on it.
5. Space the gold spikes evenly in each row and use dabs of hot glue or super glue to secure each spike onto the jacket.
6. Wait approximately 10 minutes or until the glue is completely dry before wearing the trench.
via: PSIMadeThis & WhoWhatWear


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