Man of the Hour

     Today is my late father's birthday and although it will be one of those hard days we're all going to try out hardest to enjoy it for him.  More smiles and less tears because that is what he would rather see.
     For those of you that do not know on May 28, 2010, I lost my father and since then my life has been going in reverse; and honestly I do not believe it will ever be the same. He was young and had a lot left of his life to live.  He had major plans for our family and for himself. He didn't make it to see me off to prom, my high school graduation, or my first day of college all of which he was more than excited for.
     I wasn't able to go home for his birthday since I am in school but I will celebrate his life with my family on the memorial of his death.
     Honestly it is still hard for me to believe and it just doesn't seem real, even after almost one year.  All of the many memories we've shared are still fresh in my mind.
     Every year he chanted "April 15th, April 15th," never letting anyone forget his big day.  He was proud to get older and become wiser.  His voice still rings in my head and everyone else that knew him, which was just about my entire city as well people from all across the country.
     On May 28, 2010 I didn't just lose a father but I lost a role model and a friend.  He will always be in my heart and in my mind. He, along with my mother has given me all of the perfect tools I need to make the right decisions succeed in life and I will do nothing but that. I am going to make him proud, and that will not be the last thing I do.

A message for him:
     I know you're looking down proud of what we all are becoming, all with big thanks to you.  Don't worry about any of us, we are perfectly fine; the only thing we do not have is you but that is only temporary. Have a big celebration up there, I know you are royalty up there just as you were down here.  Only the best, for the best.  I'll be seeing you one day and joining in with the celebration, but until that day comes just know that
I love you and I miss you.

♥ Markis Altarik Langley ♥

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