Photo Fanatic

Yeah, I know I probably over did it with the pix but I am camera whore. I will take a billion picture in 2 mins; one day I'll post my collection.

I like all of these pictures, they each show a different side of me
so I posted them all!
Enjoy =D


Today I went to my friend's 18th birthday party, she's finally legal! We had sooo much fun and partied the night away. We acknowledged Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday while still having our own teenage fun filled festivities. This was an event similar to the one I went to on New Years', very casual.

summary of the fit:
the bright yellow shoes are a random pair that I bought 3yrs ago
 for a fashion show I did for a local designer but never got the chance to wear.
I figured why not throw them on today, and get mommy's moneys worth.

faux leather vest: Target, shoes: Random, V-neck Tee: BDG, cigarette skinny jeans: PacSun, belt: Express

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