Did it on 'em

Nicki Minaj has arrived!

Here are shots of Nicki Minaj today in London 
she 's rocking a pink graffiti catsuit and hot pink platform pumps
The two-tone pink high top is a killer at first sight
Nicki definitely "did it on em" this time

Strangely I am very in love with everything she has going on. I mean you know there are some that would choose bits and pieces, but me, I think I'll take all of the cake. This fit from head -to-toe is original. Regardless of whether one is a Nicki Minaj fan musically or not, they would have to admit that her ostentacious style is trend setting. Oddly,  nothing she ever wears is a "in season" trend; she wears nothing from the magazines or straight off of the runway. 
Like Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj has the craziest style yet she's still very fashionable.
Or maybe it's just that I love "stand-out style" too much, I'll ponder over that.

"She aint a Nicki fan then the bitch deaf dumb"
-Nicki Minaj

Xxo, 5star

Xxo, 5star

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