Random day at school, nothing spectacular but it is my first day back from spring break. Spring break was amazing! Aside from the funeral services that I had to attend, it was nice seeing all of my family and friends and my bed, just lovely. I definitely didn't miss school but towards the end of my break I was sort of ready to come back so that I could finish off my year strong and get to vacationing and the beautiful summer weather in Jersey.
 I am taking two sessions of summer classes though, not because I need to but because I just think it's good for some extra credits. With the career I am going for (doctor) I will be in school for a while so it's best for me to do as much as I can early on so that I won't be in school forever. 
I hope all of the students are having a great year!

Oh yeah and I love love love my new bag, isn't it adorable!:D

cardigan: Target, boots: Steve Madden, stockings: H&M


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