Another friend gone

Another day, more problems.
Someone I've known for 13 years gone right before my eyes.
This may seem like something that I would be used to by now but it is still so new to me.
Never people this close, but it is a challenge that's all; and I have faith.
David Worthy was more like a brother to me, much more than a friend.
He did everything an older brother would do attempted to help with homework and never expected me to get a boyfriend. 
When we were younger we called him David W. not to get him confused with David J., the boy that always used the bathroom on himself, unless we were joking around.
We're both small people in this big world so eventually we agreed on the name "lollipop kid" for each other, from the Wizard of Oz.
David never let it live down, every time I came around as a child he would chant the song from the movie; little did he know it was going right back to him..lol
So many great memories from playing as kids to reminiscing as adults.
We watched each other grow up, and boy was our lives exciting.
His life will never go without memory in my heart.
And he will live through his pride and joy, his son. 
Gone but NEVER forgotten
I love you <3

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