Hey, what's up! Yes it's been a while and I know you're probably wondering why.
Well classes ended last week and right now we are in the process of taking finals, but my last final is next week then I will be returning home for the summer. Once I am finish everything I will continue my regular posting and I have a lot of surprises for you all.  A lot of new items to share.  But I guess I should let you know that I am taking summer course at an accredited university at home and I will be working so I won't have maximum free time but it will surely be enough for a few posts weekly.
I also have an amazing project in the works, when everything is set in stone I will share.
So stay tuned for everything and in the meantime drool over this!

The Royal Wedding
Prince William and Kate Middleton
Kate looked very beautiful in her gown. Following tradition, she was very covered up to be but still sexy in her own way.  Everyone that attended the wedding looked amazing as well. And can you believe that Kate did her own makeup? She did a great job.  
I know some people may not care that much about the royal wedding, but I like to recognize any historical events that occur in my generation. 

Don't we all wish we were in Kate's shoes?

Congrats to the newlyweds


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